Monteverde, Costa Rica
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This is the Epiphyte Headquarters of the World!

“Did you know… Epiphytes are plants that grow on other plants, without harming the host.
That is, they are not parasites.
There are many groups / families of plants that have at least one member / species as an epiphyte.
There are more epiphytes in Monteverde per unit area than any other spot of the world.
All epiphytes make for 2/3 of the species of plants in Monteverde. Orchids is one family where most species are epiphytes. Just for Monteverde only, there are more than 400 species of orchids! Another big group on epiphytes is the Bromeliads, most of them are epiphytes but there is one exception, one Bromeliad that grow off the ground, that we use a lot: Pineapple. So the term Epiphyte does not describe a filogenetic group, it describes a plant “life style”. There are other “life styles” in plants, like aquatic, shade tolerant, parasites, etc.

Cloud Forest Conservation

Terra Viva Private Wildlife Reserve is a continuation of the neighboring Santa Elena Reserve and Monteverde Reserve, which protect the two ecological zones commonly called Cloud Forest: Tropical Lower Mountain Rain Forest and Tropical Premountain Rain Forest.

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Monteverde is an area entirely protected by private hands, there is no National Park here.  The largest pieces of forest have been already acquired by The Monteverde Conservation League and the Tropical Science Center, today this land is successfully managed as the famous Monteverde Reserve. 

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1. Private Reserve with 4 miles of trails for walking / hiking. You may want to avoid walking through a more touristy reserve.
2. The famous Resplendent Quetzal breeds here abundantly.
3. Free self guided maps for our guests.
4. See, touch, taste, smell, learn and have fun with our animal companions. Your children will be in heaven.
5. Costa Rican life: "Terra Viva is located in a little valley, from there, one doesn´t see other houses or buildings. A beautiful and really unspoiled natural setting; the chance for city folks to go around and see farm work and animals; and maybe most importantly, the opportunity to experience a little slice of Costa Rican daily life".
6. Location. Terra Viva is about 5 minute drive from Santa Elena, and is completely away from the hustle and bustle of Monteverde.
7.Wireless Internet available 24/7.
8. Our water is spring fed, it is rich in minerals and good for ingestion and for the skin.
9. Hot showers at Finca Terra Viva are heated by very modern and efficient solar heaters.